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A third of people insist they won’t pay property tax

Almost one third of people in a new survey say they do not intend to pay the property tax. According to a Red C poll in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post, 29% of those eligible for the tax say they do not plan to pay it. Two thirds of the 1,000 people surveyed said they regarded [...]

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Cash buyers are on the rise

Cash buyers responsible for half of property transactions in first half of the year

Cash buyers accounted for half of all residential property purchases in Ireland in the first half of the year. According to a report in The Sunday Business Post at the weekend, just half of the near €2 billion worth of property that was sold nationwide between January and June came from mortgages issued by banks. [...]

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Up to 25 different property tax bands being considered

It has been reported the Government is considering having as many as 25 different property tax bands. According to the Sunday Business Post, ministers would like to introduce an extensive sliding scale based on the value of the property. It is proposed that these 25 different bands will be based on €25,000 increments. For example, [...]

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Pensioners could have the property tax deducted from their estate when they pass on

Pensioners may be excused from paying property tax up front

Pensioners who are on low incomes could be spared from paying the property tax upfront, according to reports at the weekend. A full property tax is expected to be introduced next year to place the controversial €100 household charge. The new property tax will be a lot more than the current household charge, prompting fears [...]

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