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Major study of private rental sector to be conducted by PRTB

A study of the future of the private rented sector, including consideration of measures to achieve a greater level of rent stability, has been commissioned by the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB), which is the State body that adjudicates disputes between landlords and tenants, and registers all tenancies in the sector. It will assess the [...]

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Sinn Féin senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh

Sinn Féin to table motion on Rent Allowance cuts

Sinn Féin senators will this evening table a motion on the cuts to the Rent Allowance which are seeing many tenants in the private rental sector struggling to cope and in some cases forced out of their houses. The most recent budget saw a cut of €21 million to the Rent Allowance budget. This led [...]

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Most tenants happy with their landlords, insists IPOA chairman

The chairman of the Irish Property Owners’ Association, Stephen Faughnan, has insisted that most tenants are happy with their landlords. Mr Faughnan made the statement in a letter to the Irish Examiner in response to an RTÉ Prime Time programme on May 10th which outlined dire conditions in the private rental sector. Mr Faughnan said [...]

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Housing Minister Jan O'Sullivan

Housing Minister calls for transformation of private rental sector

The Housing Minister wants to see a transformation of the private rental sector. Jan O’Sullivan says unfinished estates must be made secure and safe in the short-term but long term plans must be put in place. She says we must rethink the old hierarchy of the past when it comes to housing. Speaking at the [...]

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