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LED Garden Lighting – bright and beautiful

LED Garden lighting has become an essential design element in many new gardens. Used creatively, it is very effective to illuminate specific garden trees or shrubs or to illuminate other garden features such as walls, buildings and pathways. There are different lighting products to achieve different effects and include LED adjustable Garden Spike spots, LED [...]

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January in the garden

January gardening tips

After the recent storms, some useful tips and practical advice for the month ahead in the garden. Although often January can be a harsh and difficult month for plants and gardening, weather depending, it comes with challenges and opportunities. Looking at the brighter side of things, we’ve passed the shortest day of the year (December [...]

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Re-inventing an old family garden in Leopardstown

An old garden in Leopardstown Dublin 18, is comprehensively transformed to meet the owner’s requirements for a new garden which is attractive, practical and easily maintained. The design also provides a safe area for very young children to enjoy and play in and when required a means to securely restrict access by the family dog.

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Landscaping ideas for family garden in Leopardstown

As we enter Day 5 of this project, the construction is continuing to make good progress. Boundary walls, rendered and painted are now a distinctive and stylish backdrop and helping to increase the sense of extra space in this garden. Meanwhile work on the the drystone sandstone raised planting bed is very advanced and when [...]

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Crowded space – ideas for improving a small garden design

Our current project in Leopardstown is a scenario with which we are very familiar and have plenty of experience. The owners have just completed a major refurbishment of the house and attention has now switched to making changes to the garden area. Sadly but understandably the original planting has become jaded, overgrown and somewhat out [...]

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Before - lack of planting space does little to disguise drab walls

Small gardens – design and landscaping ideas

What are the key factors which determine the price of a property? A popular response and a favourite quote of many Estate Agents is “Location, location and location!” Similarly when designing and landscaping gardens, ‘space, space and more space’ is the key ingredient. Space for plants, space for relaxing and space for other uses. In [...]

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November gardening tips

In November, the clocks have been re-set for winter time, days are much shorter now, and often wetter and much colder. Conditions are uninviting and generally much more challenging especially if there are strong winds and/or frost. Occasionally mild sunny spells may prevail but not for long often replaced by wetter and much windier conditions. [...]

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The Japanese Maple

Gardening tips for October

Plenty of times when the weather during the day at least continues to be mild, but the colder night temperatures often make ground conditions damp and soft. It is a great time of year for the stunning autumnal colour displays which begin as the temperatures fall and the blazing orange and red leaf colours replace [...]

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Ideas to make your family garden more enjoyable and easier to have fun

Probably the most important design criteria for designing and landscaping an urban family garden especially for one with growing teenagers, is to provide space for teenagers and their pals to use and enjoy whilst also satisfying the critical parental requirements for an attractive colourful garden in which they too can also enjoy using. Ideally the [...]

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Rudbeckia Goldsturm

Top tips for adding more colour to your garden

Our bees are in serious threat of significant decline. Recent reports point to as much as 75% of the bee population may have disappeared. The reasons are varied and many but most commentators agree that the loss of habitat, simply not enough flowers to nourish the bees is becoming increasingly a critical factor. Domestic gardeners [...]

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