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Government considering new insurance levy to pay for flood-hit homes

The Government is reportedly considering a new levy on all insurance policies to create a distress fund to help the 50,000 people who cannot buy flood cover. According to today’s Irish Independent, the move follows 16 months of talks between the Government and the representative group, Insurance Ireland, which Environment Minister Phil Hogan said were not making [...]

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KBC Bank set to allow people to switch their mortgages to it

Mortgage lender KBC Bank is set to become the first bank in five years to allow people to move their mortgage to it. According to today’s Irish Independent, the Belgian-owned bank will pay €1,000 towards the legal costs of homeowners moving their mortgage and pay for a year’s home insurance as part of the deal. [...]

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The effect of pyrite in the home

Support scheme approved for pyrite homeowners

  The government has approved the placing of a levy on some insurance and stone products as part of a plan to help the owners of homes damaged by pyrite to pay for repairs. Under the scheme, devised by Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan and officials from his department, banks will provide up to [...]

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The cost of running an average home for those who bought at the peak of the boom could be €920 a week

Running a home bought in the boom costs an average of €920 a week

The Irish Times reports today that an Irish family who bought a house at the height of the property boom would need to earn more than €920 a week after tax just to maintain their home and to cover everyday expenses. New figures from AA Home Insurance and independent research carried out by the Times. [...]

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Seven firms may have sold people payment protection insurance plans that they couldn't claim from

Thousands could be entitled to insurance refunds

Thousands of householders are expected to receive refunds on their payment protection insurance after the Central Bank ordered seven companies to conduct a review of their books to weed out mis-sold policies. The seven firms, mainly banks, may now face fines from the regulator for selling the insurance to people who were excluded from making [...]

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The Priory Hall development in Dublin

Making sure Priory Hall doesn’t happen again…

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan is looking for submissions to help improve the quality and safety of buildings. Currently the proposal is to have a compulsory set of certificates issued by architects along with supporting documentation. Is this really a ‘solution’ or just a political answer to the symptoms? Who do you think should [...]

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Apartment operators are struggling to collect fees

Apartment operators running out of cash, according to reports

The operators of a number of large apartment complexes across Ireland are running out of cash and heading towards insolvency, according to reports in today’s newspapers. According to the Irish Independent, several management companies looking after about 12,000 homes are struggling to collect service charges. While that means that the management companies are struggling to [...]

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Is it cheaper to buy than rent? Try it for yourself…

Recently we made a nifty calculator that looked at the cost of renting or buying over the course of 10 years. What we have started to see in the brokerage this year is an increase in applications (generally), but specifically in places where people are looking at purchase costs versus the cost of renting. We’ll [...]

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Claregalway in Co Galway, one of the areas affected by flooding in November 2009

Flood funds should be advertised, says TD

JUST €1.6 million of the €10 million package made available by the government following flooding in 2009 has been claimed to date. The small amount of claims has prompted Labour Party TD Joe Costello to call upon to the government to ensure that protocol is put in place to ensure funding to help flood victims [...]

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