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Water meter contracts to be awarded next month

Contracts will be awarded to three companies next month to install water meters throughout Ireland, according to Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan. The three companies will cover a total of eight regions between them: North West, West, South West, North East, County Dublin, Dublin City, Midlands and South East. A spokesperson for Irish Water [...]

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Homeowners could be set to pay water charges based on the size of their homes

Homeowners could be set to pay for water based on the size of their home rather than their estimated use. That would mean that those with larger homes would face paying a higher water charge than those with smaller homes, when the new tax is introduced next year. An “assessed charge” will have to be [...]

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New chainlink fence secures garden boundary

Sandyford landscaping project

Preparing ground for a new lawn is a slow process often requiring some patience as overworking or rushing the grading process of the top layer potentially risks damaging the micro structure of the soil.  Good dry conditions are essential, working soil in wet weather will not only create a disappointing mess of sludge ice cream [...]

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Installing land drain pipework

New garden landscaping – first phase construction

Once the site has been cleared and all unwanted elements removed, the stage is set for the commencement of the building of the new garden. Usually the building works comprising two stages of construction: First Phase Construction usually involves the installation of elements rarely seen once the project has been completed. Many of these ‘not [...]

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Ray Earle insists that water metering should only take place in cities

Leading engineer encourages water metering for cities only

A leading engineer has encouraged to government to restrict the installation of water meters to cities only, insisting that it did not make economic sense to install them in rural counties. Ray Earle, a senior project manager with Dublin City Council, made the comments yesterday in his role as chairman of the World Congress on [...]

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People will resist water charges, according to Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins

Revolt against water meters now being threatened

Fresh threats of a mass revolt similar to the ongoing household charge boycott have been made over Government plans to charge people for water meters. Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins said the public will not stand for the charge – believed to be around €300 – on top of future water charges. “People understand that [...]

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