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Are things looking up for the property market?

Property reports show signs of stabilisation in market

A number of property reports released in the last week, including MyHome’s own Property Barometer, have suggested that prices are now rising in a number of areas in Dublin. That much will have been widely reported, of course, but there were other positives to take from the information. It is too soon to call the [...]

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price rise

Rumours of property tax increase will be worrying for many

Around one million people have still to pay the new local property tax and already rumours are spreading that the charge could be set to rise next year. Figures released yesterday by the Revenue Commissioners show that to date 637,466 homeowners have made an LPT return. The remainder of the 1.6 million homeowners liable for [...]

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The difference between having a tracker mortgage and not having one can be worth thousands per year in savings

Tracker mortgages are now so valuable they may be affecting the market

Yesterday’s ECB rate cut will be a welcome boost for the 400,000 or so homeowners who will see their mortgage repayments fall by 0.25%. However, the latest intervention by the European Central Bank to try and drive economic growth has only driven a bigger wedge between those who have trackers and those who have not. [...]

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The forthcoming broadcasting charge will apply to all media devices including tablets, laptops, TVs and smartphones

Could the property tax leave us in a Big Brother world?

The new property tax is almost upon us and no matter what your feeling on the subject is, it certainly looks like there is no way to avoid it. Whether you meet next month’s deadline to return your assessment to the Revenue Commissioners or not, they insist they will start deducting the payments from anyone [...]

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Is the mortgage crisis worse than we thought?

MABS (the Money Advice and Budgeting Service) a publicly funded group who are given €18,500,000 a year to help the indebted, have produced research which indicates that when it comes to people with mortgage difficulty that the people affected are mainly those with children and are aged from 41 to 65. They also found that [...]

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Is your property tax estimate accurate?

By now most people will have received letters from the Revenue Commissioners detailing what they are expected to pay towards the new property tax. Of course, these letters are just estimates and people have the right to lower or higher the valuation of their home to meet its current market value. This has caused a [...]

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How do you think property investors are coping at present and will further bills such as the property tax push them over the edge?

How are Irish property investors faring?

There are plenty of headlines about arrears, about buy to let investors who will now be chased down as part of the new Central Bank ‘targeting’ scheme and about people in various stages of financial difficulty, but what do we really know about the people behind the numbers? Today is your chance to help change [...]

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Deciding what your house is worth can be difficult

Confusion over property tax valuations

The big talk on everyone’s lips at present is in relation to the new property tax. Letters for the new tax started being sent out by the Revenue Commissioners at the start of this week with the estimated 1.6m householders liable for the new charge expected to receive one inside the next three weeks. The [...]

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People all over Ireland look forward to the Cheltenham Festival each year

Buying a home with stables doesn’t have to be expensive

The Cheltenham Festival gets underway next Tuesday and to mark the occasion MyHome have decided to look at some of the houses currently for sale that would suit those interest in horse racing or other equestrian activities. The horse racing industry is worth millions to the Irish economy each year and we pride ourselves on [...]

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