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Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank announces market-leading fixed-rate mortgage

Ulster Bank has announced a new summer special for new and existing customers with a market-leading fixed-rate mortgage deal. The new three-year fixed rate of just 4.25% 4.5% APR fixed*, available until 30 September 2014, will be a boost for first-time buyers in the market as the deal is available up to 90% LTV. At [...]

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Permanent TSB to offer new tracker mortgage deal

A major shake-up in the mortgage market is on the cards following a move by Permanent TSB to be announced this morning which will allow existing customers sell their homes and take out new mortgages while retaining a significant portion of their tracker loans. While the bank refused to comment on the precise details of the plans [...]

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How interest rates have changed since 2008

Those coming off fixed rate deals are being urged to check their mortgage contracts

Fixed rate mortgage holders exiting five-year fixed rate deals are being urged to check their mortgage contracts closely as many may be entitled to a tracker mortgage with their lender. Throughout the summer of 2008, many mortgage customers began opting to fix the rate of interest on their loans in response to rising interest rates [...]

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Homeowners will be allowed to move and keep their tracker mortgage

Homeowners will now be able to move house without having to give up their low interest tracker mortgages. Trackers are linked to the rate set by the European Central Bank, which currently has an historically low rate of 0.5%. With 375,000 homeowners currently on tracker mortgages, many are reluctant to move for fear of losing [...]

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Banks are being encouraged to consider the US-style mortgages

Banks encouraged to introduce mortgages with limits on rates that can be charged

A leading mortgage expert is encouraging banks to follow a US example and introduce mortgages where there is a limit on the interest rate they can charge. In an interview with The Irish Independent, Frank Conway of MoneyCoach.ie said such a rate cap was common in America and would give some certainty to new borrowers. [...]

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People are being urged to check their contracts

Are you entitled to a tracker mortgage? Homeowners urged to check their contracts

HOMEOWNERS are being urged to check their mortgage contracts to check whether or not they are entitled to be on valuable tracker deals. A number of homeowners who chose to fix the rate on their mortgage when they purchased their property may be entitled to revert to a tracker when the fixed period comes to [...]

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