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More than 85% of households have not paid household charge

More than 85% of households have not paid the household charge with just over two and a half weeks to go before the deadline. The group responsible for collecting the payments said yesterday it is confident more people will pay closer to the March 31st deadline. However, those opposed to the charge say it shows [...]

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Utility bills may be used to track down those avoiding the household charge

Government may use utility bills to track down household charge avoiders

The government is reported to be considering the possibility of using utility bills to track down the 1.2 million homeowners who have not yet paid the €100 household charge. With the deadline for payment of March 31st looming ever larger, just under 400,000 people have registered for the controversial payment – which will be replaced [...]

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ESB Pension Fund transfers investment properties to IPUT

The ESB Pension Fund has transferred ownership of €70 million worth of investment properties to IPUT (Irish Property Unit Trust), according to a report in today’s Irish Times. Under the new arrangement the pension fund will become one of the major stakeholders in the trust, which manages property investments for a range of pension funds [...]

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Electric Ireland

130,000 in arrears on their ESB bills

Around 130,000 homeowners are in arrears on their ESB bills, new data has revealed. A further 310,000 cash-strapped families have agreed to payment plans in order to ensure the electricity to their homes is left on. The news comes after Electric Ireland revealed they have appointed a British debt-collection firm to chase down unpaid bills. [...]

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Building began on less than 4,400 houses last year

Less than 4,400 new homes started last year

The level of new house completion fell to pre-1970 historic lows in 2011, according to official figures and could fall even further this year, according to the latest AIB House Market Bulletin. The latest data from the Department of Environment show that there were just 10,480 housing units completed in 2011, a fall of 28% [...]

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household charge

More than 30,000 have now registered for household charge

More than 30,000 properties have now been registered for the new household charge, since it came into force on January 1. The figures, released by the Department of the Environment, mean that more than €3 million has been raised from the controversial charge so far. News of the 30,000 subscriptions to the charge came as [...]

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Should the government have the right to access your information?

Is it fair to track householders to ensure they pay the household charge?

The government is reportedly considering chasing down homeowners who avoid paying the new €100 household charge by tracking information from the Revenue Commissioners and the ESB. Amid a number of calls from opposition TDs for the 1.6 million homeowners affected by the charge to boycott it, the government showed how determined they are to try [...]

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