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Unite calls for boycott of property tax

Unite is calling for a public boycott of the Property Tax which, it said, could cause huge distress and despair in society. The trade union, which is one of the country’s largest, is urging the public to hold firm and start by not engaging with Revenue. Unite has joined forces with the Campaign against Household [...]

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Water charges may be delayed until 2015

Water charges could be delayed until 2015

The introduction of water charges could be delayed by a year, according to media reports. According to The Sunday Times, the Government plans to defer the tax until 2015 in an effort to ease the burden on households following the introduction of the property tax this and next year. Any deferral of the water tax [...]

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One protestor was arrested at Galway City Hall

Six arrested at property tax protests

Six men were arrested after campaigners against the property tax occupied a number of local authority buildings yesterday evening. Gardaí were called in after activists from the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes disrupted council meetings in Dublin and Galway. Five people were arrested during a demonstration in Tallaght and another was arrested at Galway [...]

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Just 61% of people have paid the household charge to date

Campaigners against household charge set to offer free legal advice

Those fighting the controversial household charge are set to offer free legal advice to homeowners threatened with prosecution over their refusal to pay the €100 charge. Shortly after the Local Government Management Agency threatened legal action if second warning letters are ignored, politicians opposed to the tax accused officials of bullying. Mick Barry, a Socialist [...]

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Household charge

Hundreds take part in household charge protest

Hundreds of people attended a demonstration outside Leinster House against the household charge yesterday evening. Protesters assembled at the Central Bank at about 5pm and then marched to the Dáil. The protest, organised by the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes, was timed to take place ahead of the start of the Dáil summer recess. [...]

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A tax on water is not feasible, according to anti-household charge campaigners

Water and property taxes not feasible, insist CAHWT

Anti-household charge campaigners insist that the release of the Irish League of Credit Unions’ survey findings today – which show that over €1.8 million people have less than €100 a month to spend after paying bills – proves that additional water and property taxes are “not feasible”. The ILCU’s ‘What’s Left?’ survey showed that 602,000 [...]

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Gregor Kerr of the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes

Figure liable for household charge higher than initially reported

Almost 1.8 million households are liable for the household charge, according to details contained in 2011 Census, which was published last Thursday. The figure is over 200,000 more than the government’s initial estimate of those liable for the €100 charge – the deadline for which passed last Saturday. The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes [...]

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Rob Hartnett of UNITE

Trade unions speak out against household charge

A number of leading trade unions have expressed their opposition to the €100 household charge and encouraged their members not to pay it. Unite have urged its 60,000 members to ignore the deadline of March 31 and not to register for the household charge. “We have been urging and encouraging members to organise within their [...]

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Just over 133,000 have now registered for the household charge

Just over 133,000 now registered for household charge

Just over 133,000 homes have now registered for the household charge, according to the Department of Environment’s latest figures. Some 133,365 homes had been registered for the €100 charge as of Monday evening. That has brought in around €13.3 million for the government but is well off its target of €160 million by March 31st. [...]

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Many people claim they will refuse to pay for the €100 household charge

Anti household charge group pleased with campaign’s progress

The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes say they are happy that the mass boycott of registration for the controversial household charge is on course. The latest figures released by the government show just over 68,000 registered for the charge in the first month of the year. That has brought in around €6.8 million but [...]

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