Over two thirds cut down on heating because of cost

Almost 73% of Irish people went cold in their own home this winter, according to a survey carried out by price comparison company uSwitch.

It also found some 70% of those questioned have been cutting down on, or rationing, energy use over the winter because of cost.

The research also found that 38% of people say their health is being affected by not being able to afford to heat their homes.

While over two in five – or 42% – have been occasionally going without heating.

And over 1-in-3 households (36%) have regularly gone without heating this winter to keep their costs down.

  • The high cost of energy has seen almost three quarters of households (73%) going cold at home this winter
  • Over two thirds (69%) have been cutting down or rationing their energy use over the winter due to cost
  • Over a third (36%) regularly going without heating this winter to keep energy costs down
  • Over a third (38%) say that the cutbacks they are making are affecting their quality of life and/or health

Eoin Clarke, Head of uSwitch.ie  said: “The average household energy bill today is an eye-watering €2,140 a year and this is having a huge impact on consumers who are struggling to find the cash to keep warm.”

The firm says the findings reveal ‘the true impact’ of the high cost of energy on households in Ireland.